Working with a database

Accessing data

Annotation labels can be accessed by the audformat.Table.get() method:

import audformat.testing

db = audformat.testing.create_db()
table = db['files'].get()
# Short for:
# table = db.tables['files'].get()

Which returns the following pandas.DataFrame:

table.iloc[0:2, 0:2]
bool date
audio/001.wav True NaT
audio/002.wav False 1970-01-01 00:00:00.440

Or you can directly access a column with audformat.Column.get():

column = db['files']['string'].get()
# Short for:
# column = db.tables['files'].columns['string'].get()

Which results in the following pandas.Series:

audio/001.wav None
audio/002.wav 5woqbr9p73

For more information on how to access or add data have a look at the code examples in the table specification.

Changing referenced files

To convert to absolute file paths in all tables, do:

import os